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Sash Balances

HappyLift from the Netherlands is supplier and fabricator of Sash Window Renovation Hardware.

All types of sash balances are made in Holland .


Distributors UK

For information about availability of HappyLift products in the UK please contact our sales department. E-mail: sales@happylift.nl Low torq sash balances: for tilt-in or traditional sash windows. 4-65kg ø18,5mm PVC tube (pretensioned) Very low torque, superior performance.Water resistant typeHydroLift® 5-65kg telescopic tubes PVC ø21mmfor safety cabinets and machine protection shields (food and dairy industries)

HappyLift® sash balances are proudly made in Holland EU


Small sized Sash Balances

Sash Balance fabricator HappyLift in the Netherlands has designed the thinnest sash balances in the world.
The result of 39 years balance research is a range of double sprung sash balances in a very small diameter PVC tube.

upto 65 kg sashweight: tube size 18,5mm Type HappyLift Patent®

HappyLift sash balances for tilt- and none tilt sash windows. 




Superior weatherstripping

Since the early 2012 HappyLift is supplying VR Strips®, the best weatherstripping available for double hung sash windows in wood.

Restoration and isolation of sash windows is now a very easy job for every woodworker in workshop or on site.

VR Strips® and HappyLift no torque patent balances is the best combination for a smooth sliding sash. (balances are fitted in the woodbox)

The double glazed sashwindow will keep its original look with cords and pulley's and is still easy to open upto 65kg sashweight.

For more info: sales@happylift.nl